Maja Lena Shares New Single ‘Antares’

She’s about to go out on tour with Plastic Mermaids…Maja Lena (real name Marianne Parrish) has released her new single ‘Antares’ and announced a UK tour supporting Isle of Wight five-piece Plastic Mermaids.
Maja is a former member of alt-folk band Low Chimes, but has blossomed as a solo act in the singles for her upcoming debut album ‘The Keeper’, set to release July 23rd with Chiverin Records, with a limited edition vinyl pressing available via Diggers Factory. The album was created with help from producer (and former Low Chimes bandmate) Rob Pemberton, following sessions at in his home studio in Stroud. 
On ‘Antares’, she laments the cycle of life and death alongside existentialism using natural imagery, with the melancholy of her lyrics juxtaposing the upbeat folk strings and drums. Her impressive vocal abilities are on full show, and her ability to convey emotion through both lyrics and tone are unparalleled.
On the song, Maja says…
“The song is named after the red supergiant star Antares, which is also one of the brightest visible in the Earth’s night sky and the brightest star in Scorpius. The star is also nearing the end of its life.”
The track is accompanied by a pastoral music video by visual collaborator Aloha Bonser-Shaw.
Check it out below.

Words: Jack Oxford
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