Finding Issy and Evie a Forever Family: Listen to the interview about the girls here

Adopt South

Issy and Evie are sisters, 2 ½ and nearly 4, who are desperately needing to be part of a family.  They are currently in foster care and doing very well.  With the right family, love and support, they will flourish.  Adopt South have launched a campaign to find a perfect family for the girls.

Finding Issy and Evie a forever family is a top priority and any suitable adopters will be fast tracked through the adoption process.

Maggie from the Morning Show was honoured to conduct an interview with Hayley, a social worker with Adopt South, to find out more about the girls.

This is the interview that nearly broke me, it was very emotional to hear about these 2 special little girls, who just need someone to love them.  I fell in love with them during the interview and sincerely wish that someone out there does too.  I have no doubt that Issy, Evie and their very special adopter will have a wonderful life together and the girls will thrive – Maggie

To hear the interview and find out more about the girls, the criteria and process for adopting, please click on the play icon below:

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