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Our Propaganda: Fast Food at Midnight review – an exhilarating, highly anticipated debut album from a local artist. ★★★★☆

(Left to Right) Harvey Groom, Jack Scott Denton, Charlie Denton & Joe Newman performing at the Stage Door in Southampton on October 14th. Photograph: Tony Palmer

During the Re:Claim festival in Southampton last September, Jack Scott Denton introduced me to a new local band: Our Propaganda. The four-piece had been performing since they were teenagers, and following the release of the debut EP in 2016, they were preparing for the release of their debut album: “Fast Food at Midnight”.

Jack came to the studio with the lead single for the album the following Monday night, and we kept in touch over the course of the following 12 months, sharing information about the singles, and promoting concerts throughout our region.

Eagerly awaiting the release of the album, many fans flocked to see the group at the Joiners in April, as well as a performance at this summer’s Southampton Pride.

With the release of Fast Food at Midnight on October 13th, the band played a release show at the Stage Door in Southampton, supported by Daniel Eagle and FREESPIRITS. I had the opportunity to talk to everyone who played on the night:

“Our Propaganda are just fantastic. I am incredibly proud of them. I’ve been very good friends with them for a very long time, and they’ve just released an album!” – Daniel Eagle, musician and long-time friend of Our Propaganda

“It’s so lovely supporting close mates!” – Mike Nikolaou, bassist for Daniel Eagle

“It’s pretty good… I’d listen to it again, at least twice.” – Ollie Butler, guitarist for Daniel Eagle

“I’m really proud of it, I don’t think it could’ve come out much better than it did, to be honest. I just wish we could’ve got it out a few years ago, but unfortunately, Covid happened, so we had to be patient.” – Joe Newman, bassist for Our Propaganda

“I think that it’s singularly bold, it’s somehow fresh, yet it hearkens back to a yesteryear where I feel more comfortable.” – Alex Carmichael, background tech for Our Propaganda

“To be honest, if I can play the album on my own record player, I’d be pretty happy. This will be later down the line, but if people want to get involved, you can join our mailing list and find out more.” – Jack Scott Denton, frontman and rhythm guitarist for Our Propaganda

“Feeling good, got my top off!” – Charlie Denton, drummer for Our Propaganda

On the following Tuesday, October 18th, Our Propaganda came to the studio for a three-hour special, talking about the album, the background of each song, as well as influences and plans for the future. Listeners also had the chance to message in and ask the band questions while live.

(Left to Right): Joe Newman, Jack Scott Denton, Onur Şen-Chadun (The Groovy Pelican), Charlie Denton & Harvey Groom

The album as a whole talks about very personal topics, each resonating with different members of the band in their own way. Each song is crafted to not be too specific, but to have the ability to speak to the listener in whatever circumstances they may face. Shared inspirations for the album include Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, as well as a plethora of musicians, each influencing the creative output that is created when four amazing musicians come together to create an album.

Personally, there are very few albums that I give a 5-star rating. In fact, there is only one album released in the last 30 years that I consider to be of that calibre. “Fast Food at Midnight” was extremely close to making the highest rating, however, with every album that I personally rate at 4-stars, there is always one thing that I can never figure out, that stops albums like these to be of such a high rating. Perhaps Our Propaganda’s sophomore release will be able to exceed the excellence that has been achieved in “Fast Food at Midnight”.

“Fast Food at Midnight” is available on all streaming platforms, with a planned vinyl release next year. For more information on the band, please visit https://www.ourpropaganda.uk/. You can listen below to hear the track-by-track special with the band:

Click on the Play button to listen to the 3-part Our Propaganda Special
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