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From our Head Office in Chandlers Ford, and with presenters producing programmes from all over our coverage area, Outreach Radio broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio to South Hampshire, the South Coast & the Isle of Wight, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. This coverage area provides us with access to a population of over 1.4 million people.

As a truly independent local community operated radio station, our overheads are lower than our commercial radio counterparts, and for that reason, we are able to offer really competitive advertising rates to local businesses who wish to get their brand and offerings promoted across the local area. Radio works like word of mouth – especially when heard on a truly local radio station

We also stream online via our website and through apps such as Radioplayer, Online Radio Box and myTuner and via Smart Speakers such as Amazon Echo devices.


How does radio advertising work?

It’s all about repetition; building response rates over time. The key to success in radio advertising is to advertise as often as possible.

Industry research shows that listeners are far more likely to consider and act on a message heard on their local radio station, leading to more store/online visits and more sales.


Why advertise with Outreach Radio?

Our last quarterly listener figure (August to October 2021) was 316,814* (based on online to DAB ratio – please see footnotes below)

Radio connects the listener with their community. Our listeners have a connection with us.

Radio tells stories, moves people, and moves products!

We connect with our listeners in a familiar and personal manner, from real local people who are relatable, talking to real local people who need and want to be related to.

Radio is a constant companion… it’s always there. Radio is a companion and people need companionship.

Our packages maximise your exposure and build strong local awareness, connecting your brand with our local communities.

Are you new to radio advertising?

We can script and professionally record your radio advertisement, with your sign off at each stage.

Simply provide us with your key messages and we will do the rest, turning the script into a professional radio advertisement that reflects your brand, and is right for our audience with a clear call to action.

With prices from just £92 per week for 5 adverts every day, Outreach Radio offers excellent value while supporting a worthwhile social enterprise.

Terms and Conditions

For full terms and conditions for advertising on Outreach Radio, please click on

Please contact our friendly sales team now to discuss your needs on 02380 09 08 01 or  or email

Alternatively, please fill in the form below now and we’ll get back to you right away.

* As a social enterprise radio station with very limited funds, Outreach Radio is not yet registered with RAJAR, the official, (but unfortunately quite costly), industry body for radio audience measurement. In order to ascertain an approximate listener figure, Outreach Radio conducts a detailed analysis of it’s online listenership, (counting UK IP addresses only, so as not to skew the figures based on foreign connections), from it’s open-source technology audio streaming servers – similar to that of online website logs and analytics.  These figures provide us with a clear insight into both unique visitors and returning listeners across all online devices; PC’s laptops, mobile devices, and smart speakers.  RAJAR’s data  release for Q1 2020 states that 14% of listening occurs online, whilst 40.2% occurs on DAB; a ratio of 1:2.9.  Using this ratio, we are able to extrapolate to determine an approximate total listener count. We appreciate that this is a completely different approach to that used by RAJAR, but believe this has it’s merits, and is based on figures from our actual online listeners multiplied against a published ratio for online to DAB.


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