Carls Special Features 2021

Carl is the presenter of R U Ready 2 Party on Saturday evenings, and Just Can’t Get Enough 80’s & 90’s on a Sunday afternoon. He’s a huge fan of music from the 80’s, a fountain of musical knowledge, which serves him very well when conducting interviews. This page lists past interviews for anyone wanting to listen again. Please click here to find out more about Carl.

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Interview with Andy McCluskey from OMD

Andy McCluskey joins Carl to discuss the hits of Orchestra Manoeuvres in the Dark. From the early days through his time writing songs for Atomic Kitten and the reformation of the band Andy talks candidly about the breakup of the band and the stories behind some of the biggest hits.

Find out how OMD inspired ZZ Top and what it was like to support Depeche Mode and Buggles on tour. One of the best song writers of our time Andy’s style of storytelling in lyrics tackles interesting subjects in unique way. The interview was so well received first time around we are pleased to make this available to our listeners on demand.

Interview with Andy Scott from Sweet

Andy Scott of Sweet walks Outreach through the A-Z of Sweet songs from the early days of their bubblegum pop through to there more sophisticated pop and the heavier rock songs of the later years.

Andy tells Carl about the record industry and the origins of some of the chord sequences on the biggest hits. A fascinating interview pulled together in a two-hour special. An absolute must for any Sweet fan.

Interview with Tommy Scott from Space

Space is a three-piece band formed in 1992 in Liverpool. The band have many influences including the guitar groups of the 60’s whilst using samples and electronica to produce a unique sound. Often associated with the Britpop scene Space had several hit singles in the mid-nineties including a duet with Cerys Matthews from Catatonia.

The lead singer Tommy Scott joined Carl on Outreach radio to discuss collaborations and the hits of Space plus the latest album and tour.

After a large hiatus the band reformed after sadly meeting up at former band member Andy Parle’s funeral.

Listen again to the hits of Space as narrated by Tommy Scott the only constant member of one of the most eclectic bands from the Britpop era.

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