Carls Special Features

CarlCarl is the presenter of R U Ready 2 Party on Saturday evenings, and Just Can’t Get Enough 80’s & 90’s on a Sunday afternoon.

He’s a huge fan of music from the 80’s, a fountain of musical knowledge, which serves him very well when conducting interviews.

This page lists past interviews for anyone wanting to listen again.

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Interview with Andy McCluskey from OMD

Andy McCluskey joins Carl to discuss the hits of Orchestra Manoeuvres in the Dark. From the early days through his time writing songs for Atomic Kitten and the reformation of the band Andy talks candidly about the breakup of the band and the stories behind some of the biggest hits.

Find out how OMD inspired ZZ Top and what it was like to support Depeche Mode and Buggles on tour. One of the best song writers of our time Andy’s style of storytelling in lyrics tackles interesting subjects in unique way. The interview was so well received first time around we are pleased to make this available to our listeners on demand.
Interview with Andy Scott from Sweet

Andy Scott of Sweet walks Outreach through the A-Z of Sweet songs from the early days of their bubblegum pop through to there more sophisticated pop and the heavier rock songs of the later years.

Andy tells Carl about the record industry and the origins of some of the chord sequences on the biggest hits. A fascinating interview pulled together in a two-hour special. An absolute must for any Sweet fan.
Interview with Tommy Scott from Space

Space is a three-piece band formed in 1992 in Liverpool. The band have many influences including the guitar groups of the 60’s whilst using samples and electronica to produce a unique sound. Often associated with the Britpop scene Space had several hit singles in the mid-nineties including a duet with Cerys Matthews from Catatonia.

The lead singer Tommy Scott joined Carl on Outreach radio to discuss collaborations and the hits of Space plus the latest album and tour.

After a large hiatus the band reformed after sadly meeting up at former band member Andy Parle’s funeral.

Listen again to the hits of Space as narrated by Tommy Scott the only constant member of one of the most eclectic bands from the Britpop era.
Interview with Jack Savoretti

One of the most popular male singers who has recently released his seventh album to critical acclaim and scored his second number one success. With collaborations with Nile Rodgers and John Oates on Europiana Jack has produced some of his best music today, writing and recording these songs during lockdown.

Join Carl for a R U Ready 2 Party special where he talks to Jack about the new songs, tour and Valentines Day. Carl caught up with Jack just before he played a small intimate gig at The Brook in Southampton.
Interview with Frank Turner

Frank Turner is an English punk and folk singer-songwriter who was brought up in Meonstoke, Hampshire. He came to prominence in the post-punk band Million Dean before embarking upon a primarily acoustic-based solo career following the band's split in 2005. Frank has a backing band for recording called the Sleeping Souls and is one of the hardest touring men in the music business.

Supporting many good causes including raising over £250k to support small venues during lockdown Frank gave Outreach Radio a fascinating insight into both these causes and the ever-evolving music he writes and records.

Listen to Carl’s interview with one of Hampshire’s finest as he embarks on a tour to support his most recent album FTHC. This album, his 9th reached number one in the album chart the week after release.
MARCH 2022
Interview with China Crisis

A massively under-rated band from the early to mid-1980’s China Crisis are one of those bands who you can never remember which songs they did until you fire up your streaming service and start to play the best of and every track becomes instantly memorable.

Carl was lucky enough to catch up with one half of China Crisis, Eddie Lundon to talk about the latest tour, the songs and Liverpool football club. An hour of chat including some of the biggest hits available to listen to on Outreach Radio.
Interview with Neville Staple
from The Specials

Growing up in the early 80’s in Coventry shaped Neville who has always been involved in bands that didn’t shy away from political comment. Firstly, one of the vocalists on the Specials before forming Fun Boy Three with Terry Hall and Lynval Golding, Neville was one of the key members behind two iconic bands from the 80’s.

Now touring with his wife Sugary and the Neville Staple Band he draws on his extensive back catalogue, some new songs, and a selection of old ska classics.

Carl caught up with Neville ahead of his 2022 tour and the resulting interview has been turned into another famous R U Ready 2 Party special. A great listen for any fan of Ska, the Specials or the Fun Boy Three.
APRIL 2022
Record Store Day 2022 interview with Mark Willis from Hundred Records, Romsey

Mark kindly agreed to give us his (slightly eclectic) but fascinating selection of what to buy for Record Store Day 2022. As an avid vinyl collection who else would we sent to interview him buy our very own Carl.

Selecting fifteen of the finest options for collectors Mark gave every collection something to consider for his shopping list. Topped off with a few selections from Carl this is perfect for the record collecting connoisseur.
Interview with John Steel from The Animals

John Steel the drummer from the Animals was in fine form when he spoke to Carl and Cliff about the new tour and being a member of one of the more successful UK bands responsible for the British Invasion back in the 60’s.

Responsible for the incredible House of the Rising Son, Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood and We Gotta Get Out Of This Place to name three. The Animals were different from the mainstream rock ‘n’ roll of the time playing music influenced by blues and soul.

A short but highly successful career has meant the Animals are still popular to this day. Listen to the show in full broadcast as part of Classic Hits from Cliff on Outreach Radio.
Interview with Tom Robinson

Where do you start with the man who has done everything, father, singer, songwriter, activist, and radio presenter. Carl and Cliff had the daunting task of turning the tables on the man himself to find out how he manages to do so much and do it so well.

A very candid and frank interview with a man who has done so much for LGBT+ rights in the UK, Tom talks about the early years and what it meant to be gay in the 70’s right through to how he keeps up with current music and always tries to make his own songs relevant by updating them.

A great listen not only for some of his fantastic music but for inspiration for people who may feel like they don’t always conform to societies expectations.
MAY 2022
Interview with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet

Well, what is there to say about the lead singer of one of the best 80’s new romantic bands that has been said? A man whose voice is pure gold and the front man for a band who fifteen top twenty hits and two number one albums.

Tony now performs those and more when he tours, throwing in some of his favourite covers and new songs he has written recently. The perfect gentleman and a captivating performer Carl caught up with him to discuss his new tour, album and his book of personal pictures shared for the very first time.

A great interview with plenty of surprises including how a song from Chitty Bang Bang influenced a song he wrote for his new album.


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