Charlotte Neal

With over a decade of dedicated experience in the music industry, Charlotte has achieved significant milestones. She has successfully launched 12 songs, including her latest summer anthem, ‘Pink Bikini,’ which serves as a standout track from her upcoming mixtape. Notable recent singles also include her debut Christmas hit, “Saucin’, Dancin’ It Up (At Christmas),” and the R&B/Soft-Rock anthem “Devil.”

Charlotte’s accomplishments extend far beyond her impressive discography. She has garnered widespread recognition with weekly radio plays across various channels, including BBC Radio Solent, Surrey, Sussex, and Union Jack Radio. Her captivating performances have graced esteemed platforms such as Victorious Festival and Wickham Festival, solidifying her reputation as a dynamic live performer. Additionally, her role as a radio presenter on two radio shows including Outreach Radio, reflects her commitment to the art form and her dedication to sharing her passion with others.

Having honed her craft under the mentorship of esteemed musicians like Mark Thompson-Smith (stand-in singer for the ‘Sweet’ in the 70’s) and Nakala, Charlotte’s journey is marked by continuous growth and artistic evolution. Notably, she holds a BA (Hons) degree under the guidance of acclaimed mentors Leddra Chapman (Ed Sheeran) and Giorgio Serci (Shirley Bassey, Jools Holland), further enriching her musical prowess.
In addition to her solo endeavours, Charlotte has made significant contributions to collaborative projects, lending her vocals to tracks like “Mr Memory Man” from the ‘Purify My Soul’ Album by Dom Reynolds and “The Hug” single by Dom Reynolds.

Charlotte hosts ‘What’s a Crackalackin’, podcast, delving into artists musical journeys, achievements, and industry nuances. Notably, her podcast sheds light on the experiences of determined aspiring musicians striving for recognition. Charlotte fosters candid conversations, exploring both the highs and lows of the music industry, and the challenges faced by emerging artists. By fostering an environment of authenticity and camaraderie, she facilitates meaningful dialogues and celebrates the shared passion for music. Her podcast offers a fresh perspective, tackling subjects often overlooked, and amplifying the voices of those yet to attain mainstream recognition.

Supported by a dedicated management and A&R team, Charlotte remains steadfast in her commitment to independent music production and live performances. As she looks ahead to the future, Charlotte is poised to continue making waves in the music industry with her distinct sound and unwavering passion.

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You can catch Charlotte with ‘The Neal Deal’ every Saturday from 1 – 3pm on Outreach Radio.

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