Donating to Outreach Radio

Outreach Radio is a not-for-profit organisation run predominantly by local volunteers from across Hampshire who give up their time to produce and present fantastic radio shows which are entertaining and supportive for the local area.

Our ethos is very simple… if the bills are paid, then we can dedicate more of our time and efforts to social benefit activities, such as supporting local charity events and training and supporting young people.

Whilst Outreach Radio does carry commercial advertising to help meet its revenue targets, operating a regional radio is a costly affair, and it can be very difficult hit the numbers required to ensure that the radio station can operate sustainably and without risk of disruption.

For this reason, Outreach Radio gratefully welcomes donations from local businesses and individuals who are able to help support our service, which in turn enables us to better support our local communities.

Over the last few years, many former independent local radio stations in our area have been taken over by major media corporations, re-branded, and now operate as quasi-national services operating from centralised locations in other parts of the country.  In most cases, the programmes are the same nationwide, even though local jingles, ads, traffic reports, etc, can be heard, giving a somewhat false sense of being a local service.

Our view is that many of these radio stations sadly no longer represent the voice of the communities or local areas that their original licences were designed to serve.  The team at Outreach Radio work incredibly hard to maintain a truly local service – thus our slogan “Your Truly Local radio Station” –  so if you’re please able to help us through your donations, we’d be most grateful.

To donate to Outreach Radio, we accept bank transfers to:

Bank: Triodos Bank
Account Name: Outreach Community Radio C.I.C.
Account number: 21389071
Sort Code: 16-58-10

If you ‘d like to find out more about Outreach Radio, or chat about donations or funding, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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