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Onur: AKA The Groovy Pelican

Oh, hi there!

DJ Oz gave me full control of this page, so I can tell you all about [REDACTED]!


Ah, good to get that off my chest.

Welcome to the official Groovy Pelican page for real! Here, I’ll be updating you about all things Groovy Pelican, and other very cool Groovy Pelican things as well. The table below will have a description of big things that I’ve done on the show, that being interviews, new releases, or just me ranting about the background of a cool song for ages. assuming I’ve written it correctly, it’ll all be in chronological order on the table below. If there’s something that’s too long to put on the table, that’ll be below the table, possibly on a different table, and will not be on the aforementioned table.

That’s probably a good introduction, isn’t it?

Tough crowd…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what this page has to offer :))

TL;DR: strange child tried to expose [REDACTED]

The Groovy Pelican Show (TGPCRS)The most recent Groovy Pelican Show, which includes some oldies, more recent music, and any new releases that I like.


MARCH 2022
The Groovy Pelican features an interview with Will Joseph Cook
The Groovy Pelican features a special interview with Our Propaganda.
Click Here for online article & Catch-Up audio.

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