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    All OUTREACH RADIO presenters are people from or with a strong connection to our local community or area.

    They’ve all very kindly given up their time, and volunteered to produce and present wonderful regular programmes on OUTREACH RADIO. Some of them had previous radio experience, other’s didn’t, but they were all willing to join in and give it a try, as way to share something positive, entertaining and informative with the community they cherish.

    In order of appearance (on the station):

    Osman Sen-Chadun (aka Oz)

    I'm the founder of Lockdown FM and Managing Director of OUTREACH RADIO. I've lived in Chandler's Ford for 22 years with my wife Gamze, and kids Onur (15) and Elanur (6), and have been involved in broadcasting for nearly 35 years, mostly on the technical side, but also as a radio presenter.

    I'm passionate about all types of music, particularly world music, and specialise in what I can only describe as 'tropical music genres'; reggae, sega, soca, zouk, etc - my parents are from Mauritius, so I guess its in my blood! I sometimes drive my wife and kids mad when they're stuck in the car with me listening to playlists that jump from opera to reggae, Italian pop, (my favourite singer is Laura Pausini), to Drum 'n' Bass, Bulgarian "turbo-folk" to country music and lots, lots more.

    I care deeply about the environment and how we'll protect our planet for future generations, so seeing the effect that coronavirus has had on the environment has been a real eye opener. I also value our community, and started Lockdown FM as a way to support our local area during the difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic. Having been in "extended isolation" since February 2020 following open-heart surgery, Coronavirus could be fatal to me if contracted, so other than walks in my local area to rebuild my cardiac stamina, I've been unable to leave my home as usual.

    Having been stuck at home for so long watching too much news and staring at way too much social media, I began to feel despondent about the volume of negative information I was getting swamped with. I realised others in the area must be feeling the same way due to lockdown, so my son Onur (below), and I, started Lockdown FM as a radio station focused on the local community, promoting positivity, accurate information, entertainment and support.

    The amazing success of Lockdown FM led me to form OUTREACH RADIO, and establish it as a not-for-profit Community of Interest Company (C.I.C.), designed to serve our local area through the power of radio. We are a standalone local organisation, and not part of any media group, and have no shareholders fixated on wealth from our profits. In fact, our company "charter" states that all profits from OUTREACH RADIO will either be reinvested in to the C.I.C or other local projects.

    With a Board of Directors made up of local volunteers from Lockdown FM, we are fortunate to have a wonderful, dedicated team of people working "front and back stage" to make OUTREACH RADIO a truly local service for our area.

    Email Osman:

    Onur Sen-Chadun AKA The Groovy Pelican


hi, i'm onur. i'm 15 years old and i'm in year 11 at thornden school. i like to sleep a lot and i think i was definitely born in the wrong generation, given my music taste is very different to others. 

i'm probably the only guy you'll meet that expresses kindness to both hippies and punks, through the velvet underground... if you know, you know! 

anyway, please check out my show. it's pretty cool, i guess…

 see you there 🙂

    by the way, if you’ve missed a show, i’ve saved all my shows as playlists on spotify, which you can check out here.

    Email Onur:

    Greg Mudd

    Greg has lived in Chandlers Ford since 2015, having previously lived in Bassett and Fair Oak. He is married and has a four year old daughter.

    Greg is a professional musician and lecturer, specialising in the electric bass and double bass.

    He has been fortunate to perform and record with an array of different artists at a wide variety of venues and events across the UK and overseas; from festivals and concert halls through to aircraft carriers! He also composes music in a range of styles, but particularly for solo bass guitar.

    Greg is the Professor of Bass Guitar at The Royal Marines School of Music and Lecturer of Developing the Musician at Solent University.

    Email Greg:

    Jef Powell

    Hi, I'm Jef. I live in Lockerley near Romsey with 2 cats, 2 budgies, a lurcher and my wife - who is a big fan of Lockdown FM, (the lurcher that is!).

    I've been a Mobile DJ & Presenter locally for close to 1000 years!

    I'm a massive Earth Wind & Fire fan, I once spent the night in a phone box on the Isle of Wight, (long story), and my favourite meal is a full English breakfast. I also like to collect loud shirts.

    During the lockdown, I have spent my time building a garden shed from scrap wood & beer bottle tops!...

    Stay Safe.

    Email Jef:

    Zofia Rogers

    I’m Zofia and I’m currently a student at the University of Birmingham, so coronavirus has sent me back to living at home with my family in Southampton.

    Usually at Uni I have my own shows on our student run radio station ‘Burn FM’, and I probably spend more time in the Burn studio than I do in the library!

    I also love yoga, Joe Wicks workouts, (search them up on YouTube and have a go!), baking and travelling.

    I hope to travel after I graduate next year but who knows what will happen with Corona!

    Email Zofia:

    Shaun O’Brien

    My name is Shaun O’Brien, and I have always lived within the Romsey area.

    I have a background in Hospital Radio and Presenter/producer on Community Radio.

    I am registered blind but refuse to let that stopping me from entertaining people.

    Email Shaun:

    Carl Maskelyne

    Carl has lived in Chandler's Ford for around 13 years and has two children Joseph & Emily. He runs a local digital market agency and is involved with the Support Local Business, Chandler’s Ford and Chandlers Ford Memories Facebook pages.

    Carl is a Saints supporter and enjoys playing football, cycling and photography. He is passionate about music and his pride and joy is a 1958 jukebox. He loves all music but has a soft spot for the 60’s, 80’s, soul, dance and indie.

    His favourite band is Depeche Mode and favourite live act is Faithless. His first single was Altered Images – See Those Eyes, and first album The Human League – Dare.

    Email Carl:

    David Gates

    David has been a DJ since the young age of 14, working mobile with his elder mate Trev driving a mini. His first professional job as a DJ was in 1973 at Pontins holiday park in Brixham, Devon, when he was just 17.

    David then moved on to become a sound engineer for a band that won Opportunity Knocks and went on to have several number one singles.

    After the glamorous life on the road, David returned to DJ'ing in night clubs including The Odeon Leicester Square and also more mobile work.

    In 1983 David moved into radio with his first Job on a well known London pirate, where he had a daily audience of 150.000 people until the government put a stop to that.

    David then moved to the Middle East to work on a radio station called the 'Voice of Peace', although he did not have the sea legs, and lasted only four weeks.

    Back on dry land, David has worked in Southern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Jersey, along with three years on the West Coast in Los Angeles, Southern California.

    David finally fully settled in Southampton in the nineties, where he worked as a radio consultant on several high profile local licence application's in the South and beyond.

    David is looking forward to getting back behind the microphone at Lockdown FM as our afternoon presenter.

    Email David:

    Rob Stevens

    Rob hails from Chandlers' Ford, and his family are still here, though Rob, his wife and children are currently living in Egypt. Rob has worked as a Presenter on a number of commercial UK radio stations, and currently works as Programme Director and Presenter on a major radio station in Egypt. He has kindly made the time to join us on Lockdown FM, and through the power of technology and the Internet, is able to present his programme from abroad 🙂

    Rob grew up between the UK and Al Ain, in the UAE. He has loved music from an early age. Because he can’t sing, or dance, he chose to play the songs on the radio…. When he’s not in the studio, he’s usually eating somewhere, or at the gym making up for the fact that he was eating somewhere. He used to have so many hobbies, but these days sleeping is a big friend of his! His star sign is Virgo. Fun fact: It took him 25 years to grow a beard.

    Rob, do you speak any other languages?
    Yes I do, I randomly make up words that have no meaning, so I guess you could call that a language! I learned French and German at school. I can only remember the basic’s now. But I can claim to speak some, but not a lot of Arabic

    What advice would you give your 15 year old self?
    SAVE MONEY, and stop eating as much!

    What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
    I once ate an After 8 mint, at 7.30

    If you were to spend your lifetime advocating a cause, what would it be?
    That everyone is entitled to an opinion, you can educate people but not force your views on them. Everyone has a mind and a value. Respect should be universal.

    What is your worst habit?
    Putting things off, and then planning to never do that again. But that can wait until tomorrow

    What are three things you cannot live without?
    My beautiful family. Wife, Farah and our two children.

    What superpower do you wish your pet had?
    I have a Labrador. She is yellow and called Snoop Dawg. But she already has a super power. She has super stealth mode. When she thinks I'm sleeping she will activate stealth mode in order to sneak up on the end of the bed and sleep… She usually does it without me noticing.

    What is the most embarrassing Halloween outfit you’ve ever worn? (Bonus points if you have a photo you’re willing to share!)
    I honestly am so bad a dressing up, so rarely do it. The worst was when I was a “zombie” FBI agent. Only because I have the jacket. #Rubbish

    Favourite musician of all time?
    That’s a hard one, I don’t really have one favourite artist, usually it’s the songs that I associate with memories. However, after what happened with Arianna Grande and her concert in Manchester, going back and throwing a benefit concert for those affected took some guts, and I have nothing but respect for her.

    Favourite TV show of all time?
    I love the old 80’s and 90’s shows, like The A Team, Airwolf and Knight Rider. But recently its between “How I met your mother” or “My Name is Earl”.

    Email Rob:

    Matt Belsey

    Hi, I’m Matt.

    DJ / Producer / Travel Enthusiast
    After Many years working at sea on cruise ships I have now come back to root myself to land life. In doing that I am keen to get back in to the radio scene.

    Club DJ since I was 18 for nightclubs under the Deltic Group, and from then music just become my life. I produce music, achieved my degree at Solent Uni, was an Entertainments Manager within Royal Caribbean, released my music on Spotify, and was lucky enough to present for various radio stations in the past, and even involved in the launch of local radio station now known as Enham Radio under Enham Trust in Andover.

    About Me:
    I love to travel hence my previous career, learning to fly, chat too much, love people, and can normally be found outdoors.

    Email Matt:

    Cliff Proctor

    Cliff has been involved in broadcasting for over 25 years, and is a broadcast engineer by profession.

    He has a real eclectic music taste, with favourite artists like Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre, and a real love of classical music, along with Pop, Rock, Progressive Rock and Disco.

    Cliff has been involved with Hospital Radio in Warwick for 20 years and leads their Monday team for much of that time. He has conducted outside broadcasts, interviewed a Britain’s Got Talent contestant, local charities and one of Cliff’s radio hero’s, Tony Blackburn.

    He has the nickname “Radio Doctor” at work, and is like the Blackpool stick of Rock, with Radio through the centre instead. Cliff was a lover of the old style commercial local radio, spending 6 weeks doing work experience at BRMB when he was 15.

    He also collects Radio Jingles, and even has his own personal cut!

    Cliff enjoys cycling, photography, and travelling, as well as listening to the Radio.

    Email Cliff:

    Andrew Kingshott

    Hi, my name is Kingshott, l am visual and audio artist, and have a background in DJ'ing.

    I'm Interested in all styles of music, especially dance music, from house to Drum n Bass, and everything in between.

    I am originally from the South East of England, but relocated to Wexford in the Republic of Ireland over a decade ago.

    Email Andrew:

    Philip Petty (aka Pyro)

    Hi, I am Pyro,

    I have been a big music fan all my life. Started getting into music big time when I was at school. My first proper gig was Saxon in 1980 at Portsmouth Guildhall. I then got the bug for heavy metal. I then spent the 80's going to gig after gigs. I particularly liked the Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donnington.

    I got given the nickname Pyro when i was about 20 years old due to my fascination with a mates open fire and not setting fire to anything, honest!

    I am a big Star Trek and Doctor Who fan. I am into American games shows and often stay up late to watch my favourites Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on ABC. I love to travel and often visit the Canary Islands. In 2019 I went to New York and got to see Country singer Carrie Underwood at Madison Square Garden.

    I have been involved in radio for 8 years presenting The Rock Monster Show following in the footsteps of Tommy Vance who presented The Friday Rock Show on Radio 1 who influenced me to want to do it. I spent 7 years on Vectis Radio and 1 year as a independent podcast.

    I believe the RockMonster is unique, playing the best mix of classic rock prog and blues on radio. I play a wide range of styles of rock from Fleetwood Mac to Motorhead and much more. Tune in and you might be amazed at what I play.

    Email Philip:

    Richard Lawrence

    Rich has been a DJ since the 1980's and remembers playing vinyl and sharing the job with Pyro, (see the Rock Monster Show on Mondays at 10pm 🙂

    He presents the Songs of Worship Show on Sunday at 9am on Outreach Radio, and really enjoys connecting with his listeners around the beautiful music and themes. There are Sunday thoughts that are provided by listeners and some of them really make you think!

    Rich says, "If I can bring a smile to people faces, give them company and move them, then I have achieved all I want to do".

    Being part of the Outreach Radio family is a true blessing and adventure!!

    Stop Press: Rich, in addition to Songs of Worship, now also presents a new show on Saturdays at 9am!

    The 100k show, where you will hear extreme variety - anything from Handel to Motorhead, and everything in between!

    There' also the "snicky pickies" and the "lovely jubbly" slot - Tune in to find what we're talking about!

    Email Rich:

    Georgina Foyle AKA Dee Jay GG

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Georgina, (aka Dee Jay GG). I am 15 years old - 1 of 4 siblings, from Romsey and I’m currently in year 10 at The Romsey School.

    Ever since I was little, I have always shown an interest in music. Over the past few years I have recently wanted to have a career in Radio and the Music Industry.

    During lockdown and in my spare time at home, I like to practise mixing with my decks and talking to my friends. My music taste has a big variety - I mostly like the recent music in the charts... however I do listen to Queen and lots of other genres of music from different decades.

    I hope you like my hourly session, feel free to email me any requests!

    Email Georgina:

    Gordon Cooper

    I bought my first single in 1969....."Sugar Sugar" by The Archies!!! I continued collecting rather a cross section of music until my best friend bought me "Burn" by Deep Purple for my eighteen birthday!! That was it....I became a life long "rocker" from then on!!

    So my first love is ROCK, as is my second & third love.....although The Carpenters are my guilty pleasure!! Growing up in the 70's was the best era for music, hence me jumping at the chance to do a Seventies show for you (with a smattering of Rock, I'm sure!!).

    My love of Radio has been going for more years than I care to remember.....25+ years with Sunshine Radio on the Isle of Wight & a stint on internet radio with Vectis Radio for eight years!

    A final thought....If someone had told me in 1969 not to collect the 6000 plus albums I collected over the decades because you'd be able to access them & more on a mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand I'd have never have believed it!!! Mind, I did enjoy collecting them!!!

    Email Gordon:

    Mike Joyce

    38 years in the DJ business before retirement, many of you may remember me from The Southampton Ice Rink for which I became a DJ
    by pure chance.

    I felt like running a mile when the resident DJ asked if I would sit up on the stand in front of a few hundred skaters while he ran to the little mans room... poor me considering I only went up to ask for a song to be played!

    Well, after a few weeks I had a chance to be in the hot seat, or in my case a freezing cold seat, to play some classic tracks and of course some unforgettable speed session tunes to which I was asked to play again years after the Ice Rink closed in 1988.

    My second home sadly closed but I was given a chance to shine again with my own F.A.L decks, 50w speakers and a couple of box lights & rope light to go with it, and so The Penny Farthing Disco was born - and yes I was a fan of the TV series the Prisoner, complete with a Penny Farthing bike badge.

    As the years went by and I got a little older, and a little wiser, I invested in a laptop and quality lights & speakers, and the name changed to "Music Man's Golden Oldies Disco".

    I have worked in clubs, pubs, social clubs, carnivals, charity functions, private functions etc. Finally getting a chance to work in hotels, courtesy of a certain DJ who saw potential in me (bless him). I love 60's & 70's music, and after my retirement a couple of years ago, due to health issues, I have been given the opportunity to join the team of DJ's on Outreach Radio with my own 60's and 70's hour. #

    I feel blessed.....Thanks guys.

    Email Mike:

    Matthew Ellison

    My name is Matthew and I live in Romsey, where I am a self-employed IT trainer and consultant.

    My main passion is theatre, and I am an active member of Romsey Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (RAODS). Normally this means directing and performing in productions from Shakespeare to Sondheim at the wonderful Plaza Theatre in Romsey. But since the coronavirus crisis, I have instead been recording and editing a series of socially-distanced dramatic podcasts with other actors via Zoom.

    As a student in the 1980s, a friend of mine and I were resident DJs for the Bristol University Student Union. I’m now very excited to present, along with my wife Georgette and other friends within the local amateur theatre community, a new arts-based weekly programme “Sunday Show Night” on Outreach Radio.

    Email Matthew:

    Colin Old

    Born in Portsmouth, Colin has lived locally for all of his life apart from Studying Bachelor and Masters degrees at London and Southampton Universities and completing a Post-Graduate year at a secondary school in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex. He has taught in Southampton and Chichester.

    Having taught for 35 years, he is now enjoying semi-retirement, giving him more time to practise radio-presenting techniques!

    He has been a keen singer and musician all his life, studying Music at ‘A’ level and composing choral pieces for a number of churches, including Chichester and Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedrals, as well as for a university-based choir in Louisiana, USA. He continues to enjoy choral singing, being a member of 4 choirs. When not singing, Colin enjoys travelling, especially visiting friends in Eastern Europe or catching up with gardening.

    He hopes that his passionate enthusiasm for Classical Music will compensate for his lack of technical skills but he is always willing to learn!

    He presents an exciting new show on Outreach Radio, introducing listeners to a whole gamut of Classical repertoire, both familiar and unfamiliar! He says, ‘I am keen to take my listener on a journey that will change their perceptions forever.’

    Email Colin: