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Below are the featured artists, (listed alphabetically), together with some background information and links so you can find out more.

Amba Tremain

Amba Tremain is a UK soul singer, blending ‘old school with new school’. Her credits include singing backing vocals for Boy George & Eva Cassidy and she was the winner of ITV talent show ‘This is my moment’ hosted by Spice Girl Mel B, back in 2001.

A prolific performer on the gig scene, Amba began concentrating on her own music early 2019 and has since gone on to be featured on BBC introducing, has performed sell out shows all over the South Coast, has showcased on Sofar Sounds and played live in New York at the legendary Rockwood Music Hall.

A regular vocalist with the Mayfield Records House Band, Amba has released numerous tracks with them and has also released two solo singles under their record label.

You can find all of Amba's music across all major music platforms and her latest single ‘Honestly’ is released on Feb 12th.

Here are the links to her social media:
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Bryan Robinson

I started playing guitar aged 9 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, where I was born. After which I lived in Lichfield for nearly 10 years.

I gigged continuously on guitar and began to sing as a teenager in bands of various styles around the Midlands, as well as London. I won the Staffordshire 'open' classical guitar competition when I was 17.

I studied jazz at Leeds College of music. After leaving college, I moved to South London and built a small home studio; I have owned a studio ever since...I continue to write and record daily, which I love so much.

I've recently had solo guitar/ vocal residences at numerous clubs, pubs and restaurants in London and Surrey.

I have taught guitar and music technology to disadvantaged youngsters and some adults for over 9 years. I've also taught music in a mental health facility for 3 years. Both were/ are rewarding and humbling experiences. Music knows no barriers...

I currently live in a small village just South of Guildford, Surrey. Here, I write, record and perform acoustic sets locally whoever possible.

I have an album 'Salvation Belle', due to be released Autumn 2020... lockdown pending.

I'm a keen runner. I've just completed the 'Centurian 100 mile, virtual ultra marathon'. Running helps me think, relax, write and listen to music.

Double Take

Double Take's Lottie and Sarah Harris from the Isle of Wight are identical twins with a passion for singing. Under the tuition of Linda Filby Borrett they are classically trained.

With an eclectic repertoire from the 1800's right up to the present day there really is something for everyone.

Double Take have won awards for their singing they have a unique identical sound which makes their voices naturally blend.

They have performed at many events, from the Wight Proms, to fetes, charity and vintage events, care homes and special occasions.

To find out more and to view videos please go to Facebook, Instagram, or email doubletake1@hotmail.com


Elliot Eagleton, working under the name eeagleton, is a music producer making melodic electronic dance music. Elliot is studying Digital Music at Solent University having previously qualified in sound engineering & audio production at college. He has released several Dance EPs which are typically musical and progressive.

“I like to create electronic dance music that gradually progresses and builds into a musical groove. Creating harmonies that form the core of the track. As a drummer lots of my focus goes on creating a rhythm.”

“I’d love to play more live gigs, where the music comes to life with more improvisation; you can feel it resonate through your body, but that will have to wait until events and festivals start again.”

eeagleton’s influences come from legendary EDM producers, DJs and performers such as, deadmau5, Kolsch, Solomun, Yotto and Pete Tong – always with a focus on producing fresh music for a live audience.

“My hopes for this year are to continue to release tracks, I have been working on lots of exciting new tunes and would like to perform them live. There’s nothing better than getting lost in a groove, in the middle of a dance club, so when it’s safe to do so, I’ll be ready to bring my latest tunes!”

eeagletons latest Single “Travelling to the unknown” is available on Soundcloud.

Listen to eeagleton:
Soundcloud, Twitter

EMiliYAH & the MightyZ All Stars

Polish born, original singer and songwriter referred to by many as "SENSATIONAL!", Emiliyah has been based in the UK since 2009 and is actively present on the UK Reggae scene.

She's released an impressive number of songs throughout her career, both as a solo artist and with her band, "the MightyZ All Stars".

EMiliYAH has supported artists such as Luciano, Janet Kay, Aswad, Dreadzone, Misty in Roots, Lee "Scratch" Perry, and many more. Her sound is described as "eclectic" and "fusion Reggae" with dominant rootsy vibes.

You can follow EMiliYAH on social media at :
Instagram 1, Instagram 2, Instagram 3, Facebook,

Hannah Reem

Bred in the heart of Portsmouth with North African heritage, power house Hannah Reem, draws vocal and performance influences from the likes of Koko Taylor, Etta James and Tina Turner with a mix of soul, blues and a sometimes rocky edge.

Her first two single’s ‘Foolish Pride’ and ‘Beg Steal Borrow’ collaborations written at Mayfield Records both caught the attention of BBC Radio Solent’s Introducing show. Hannah’s bubbly personality and goofy lockdown skits have brought some recent filming opportunities and you can look forward to seeing her on a popular BBC1 daytime show in the spring.

You can follow Hannah on social media at :
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson, singer-songwriter from Portsmouth, England.

Signed to Mayfield Records in 2020, Joe has always loved performing and at the age of 24 he begun sharing his music with the local pubs, festivals and has also taken to the streets along the way.

Inspired by the likes of Stu Larsen, Damien Rice and Cat Stevens to name a few, Joe combines his love for words with simple melodies, backed by his guitar and unique voice to create heart-warming ballads.

Joe has seen numerous support from radio stations such as BBC Radio Solent, Soho Radio, Flash FM and even reaching Portsmouth’s very own Express FM top 10 local music chart with “ Too Blind”, “Key to my smile” and “Promise”.

In November 2018 he self-released his first EP "Home", much to the delight of the crowds that stop to hear him busking.


LIONFIRE is made up of singer/guitarist Joe Price, bassist Lee Matthews and drummer Samuli Pessala.

We are musically influenced by a large range of music ranging from 80's pop to punk and 90's grunge but most of all we share an obsession for creating BIG catchy rock songs.

Our songs follow our ups and downs in everyday life that we all go through and there are always stories to tell!

Our new ep MY CITY is our first release and we can't wait for you to listen to it.

Look for us on Spotify and Instagram.


Lottie Lunaire

Lottie Lunaire was born in Cheltenham and has lived in Gloucestershire until the age of 18 where she moved to Southampton to further her musical education at Solent University.

Growing up in a musical family it was an environment full of inspiration and stimulation for Lottie to feed off. Lottie loves to perform, play and record music. From a young age Lottie has been on stage and since then has grown her love of music. Singing and playing the piano has always been a passion of hers and throughout her childhood she was always trying new instruments. This led to her experimenting with what she would play with which grew her musical knowledge. Since then, she has always tried to incorporate every instrument she can in all her music and always loves to see what she can create on her own.

Her influences being McFly, Taylor Swift, Arctic Monkeys and a variety of other artists and bands. As a new emerging artist Lottie blends multiple genres into one unique sound that leads to a catchy and one-of-a-kind listen. As of now she has one single released which is available on all platforms.

Here is a link to all of her social medias and how to find her music.

Mary Red

Mary Red A.K.A. Chloe was born in Southampton and moved to Portsmouth at the age of 23. She has a soulful gritty unique powerhouse voice and sings with raw emotion.

Mary Red has released 8 original songs with Mayfield records. Her inspirations are Adele , Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, Norah Jones, Leanna La Havas, Billy Joel, Michael Kiwanuka, Anthony Hamilton, Otis Redding and many more.

She first started to sing after watching live music at the progressive club in Eastleigh as a child, where she used to go on a Friday night with her mum. Also watching Annie and Oliver on video a lot inspired her to sing. She would sit in the lounge for hours copying every note.

At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with mild autism and ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder), and has found singing to help soothe any anxiety or stress that she has. She says she has sung since she can remember and its something she just did naturally from her soul. She loves to write lyrics, which are mostly about her life and experiences or world affairs and atrocities.

She has natural red hair and her middle name is Mary, which was also her nanny's name, hence the stage name MARY RED.

Website: Website, Email: info@maryred.co.uk

Nned Guido

Nned Guido is a pop singer-songwriter with storytelling lyrics and passionate delivery with influences from Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots and Coldplay.

Originally from Romania, Nned moved to Southampton in 2018 to study and pursue music fulltime. In 2019 he Released his first EP containing two original pieces: “Dragon’s Flames” and “Mama” which best showcase his acoustic roots and emotional writing style.

The track “Dragon’s Flames” with it’s nostalgic story of young love, was broadcasted on national radio in Romania, some local stations in the UK and was first performed live at The 1865 in Southampton. The two songs are available on all streaming platforms.

Here are the links to his social media:
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


Oporia is a Southampton based Electronic producer and DJ working in future house, deep house and RnB.

Click here for his link tree.

Our Propaganda

Taking influences from the likes of Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, Twenty One Pilots and numerous iconic British artists, Our Propaganda have since 2016 been taking their striking blend of alt-indie rock to the stage, having previously gigged over half a dozen countries across Europe and played countless shows around London, the South of England and their hometowns of Southampton and Portsmouth, including five years’ consecutive invitation to the stage of Southampton Pride.

What lies ahead is the build up to their debut album release, recorded with renowned producer Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode/The Cure), and mixed by Grammy nominated recording and sound engineer Jonas Westling.

Our Propaganda is Jack Denton, Harvey Groom, Joe Newman, Mike Gilham and Charlie Denton.

You can find Our Propaganda on Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Rebecca England

Rebecca England is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter based in Southampton, England. Her 'pure and soulful' vocal, infused with her vulnerable writing style creates heart-wrenching pop-ballads.

She began performing at the age of three and has continued to develop her performance style ever since.

Her music is currently available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and all major streaming platforms.

Sexy Pretty Things

Hey what's up! We're Sexy Pretty Things. A 4-piece melodic punk band from the South Coast of England.
We can be as sweet as kittens in a candy river, and as aggressive as crack addicts who've run out of drugs.

Our songs include - but are not limited to - Alcohol. Anti-depressants. Just wanting to have fun. Love. Hate. Boredom. F***cking. Love f***ing. Hate f***cking. Regret. Tongue-in-cheek self deprecation. Hentai. Conspiracies. Getting old. House parties. Being happy. Suicide. Mom's spaghetti.

We've had the seal of approval from The Front Bottoms and Hobo Johnson. Played with Pulled Apart By Horses, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, and lots of other great bands.

Here's a few you should check out whilst you're at it - Riskee and the Ridicule. PizzaTramp. Slackrr. Automatic Panic. The Appalled. Madcap. BoxCat. The Fangs Of The Dodo. Greg Barnes. The Deltorers. Black 3lvis. The Carolines.

The BBC also played 'LSD' once, but they don't seem to like us anymore. That's okay though.

You're cordially invited to come and see us play live. If you don't like people, that's okay too. New music is on the way.

You can find us on social media if you want to keep up with us. We're most active on Instagram, but you can find us on Facebook too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we'll catch you sexy beasts soon!

Steph Cass

Steph Cass lives in Southampton and is one of the singers in the Hampshire based band Swedish Keith.

Steph has been singing most of her life, her first song being Eternal Flame at a very young age!

Steph joined Swedish Keith with her brother and they, along with Sian, Kain, Chris and Matus have performed in venues in Portsmouth and Surrey.

Steph works as a Team Leader for Hampshire NHS111 and Is a volunteer for the mental health charity Shout Out as she has a keen passion for healthcare.

Steph misses playing with the band during the pandemic but has been learning the art of recording music from home! She has made sure her husband has a healthy supply of earplugs!!


A little bit about me, I am a rapper / Singjay (dancehall type singing) who wants to use his voice to make a difference.

That difference is to tackle the problems I see with youth (not solely), mental health and unnecessary violence.

I think music speaks to all so why not use It to start a positive change within society and even ourselves.

Music is a tool that was used to heal and spread joy, so I want to put that back into it.

The Gary Summers Band

Gary lived in the Romsey area until 2016 when he moved nearer to London to be closer to the UK’s hub of their music business. The Gary Summers band are a four-piece, London-based melodic rock band fronted by singer/songwriter Gary Summers.

Think 60’s, 70’s strong memorable melodies with soaring harmonies, singalong choruses, classic rock multi-tracked guitars and keyboards.

Gary has been busy on the live music scene for many years, including most recently as bassist with legendary Gillan drummer Mick Underwood, including an appearance at the 02 Academy in Sheffield and with former Whitesnake rockers Snakecharmer.

The 11 track CD is available to purchase on Amazon, and the Gary Summers band webpage can be found at: thegarysummersband.co.uk.

Tom Doust

Hey, I’m Tom Doust, most people know me as Tom D Sings from a YouTube channel I started quite a few years back.

I’ve always loved singing and for a long time I’ve know that I want to make a career out of it. Along with the singing, I like to write and produce with the aim of creating something that makes people happy.

My music is centred around pop with particular inspiration of ABBA and Katy Perry but with my unique perspective and standout sound. Let’s get some good songs back in the charts!

Check out my YouTube and follow me on Instagram

The TR5's

We describe our sound as "Somewhere between The Cavern Club and Canvey Island".
We are Rusty, Lucky, Richey, Chas and Ted.
We are a fun and engaging band with the look and sound of the era.

More details can be found at www.facebook.com/thetr5s, and we can be contacted at thetr5sband@gmail.com.


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