Mike Joyce a.k.a. The Music Man

38 years in the DJ business before retirement, many of you may remember me from The Southampton Ice Rink for which I became a DJ by pure chance.

I felt like running a mile when the resident DJ asked if I would sit up on the stand in front of a few hundred skaters while he ran to the little mans room… poor me considering I only went up to ask for a song to be played!

Well, after a few weeks I had a chance to be in the hot seat, or in my case a freezing cold seat, to play some classic tracks and of course some unforgettable speed session tunes to which I was asked to play again years after the Ice Rink closed in 1988.

My second home sadly closed but I was given a chance to shine again with my own F.A.L decks, 50W speakers and a couple of box lights & rope light to go with it, and so The Penny Farthing Disco was born – and yes I was a fan of the TV series the Prisoner, complete with a Penny Farthing bike badge.

As the years went by and I got a little older, and a little wiser, I invested in a laptop and quality lights & speakers, and the name changed to “Music Man’s Golden Oldies Disco”.

I have worked in clubs, pubs, social clubs, carnivals, charity functions, private functions etc. Finally getting a chance to work in hotels, courtesy of a certain DJ who saw potential in me (bless him). I love 60’s & 70’s music, and after my retirement a couple of years ago, due to health issues, I have been given the opportunity to join the team of DJ’s on Outreach Radio with my own 2-hour 50’s, 60’s & 70’s show, and Ice Rink Memories show.

I feel blessed…..Thanks guys.

Email Mike: mike@outreachradio.co.uk

You can catch Mike every Thursday & Friday morning from 9-10am for Mikes Magic Moments, on Saturday’s from 9-11am for Mike’s Penny Farthing Music Show and on Sunday’s from 6-7pm for Southampton Ice Rink Memories.

Penny Farthing Music ShowThe most recent show featuring music from the 50's 60's & 70's.
Southampton Ice Rink MemoriesThe most recent Southampton Ice Rink Memories show.

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