Ollie & Taya


Hi, I’m Ollie, I’m a college student in Winchester and have always lived in Hampshire. Ever since my Dad was part of our village radio station back in 2015, I’ve always had an interest in being a DJ for radio and I finally got the chance in my first year of college when I joined Symonds Radio, the enrichment that I then went on to lead, and through that became a presenter here on Outreach radio.

I am a live events engineer who loves tech and mixing for bands, something which I am going in to study at university! I love a good 80’s or 90’s track but I the music I enjoy the most comes from the last few decades!


Hi, I’m Taya a student at Peter Symonds College. I’ve lived in Hampshire my whole life and was introduced to Outreach Radio when I joined Symonds Radio, an enrichment at Peter Symonds which lead me to become a presenter.

I have a passion for all things music and love listening to new songs and going to live shows, I love the 90’s and early 00’s and enjoy indie rock.

Email Ollie & Taya: ot@outreachradio.co.uk

You can catch Ollie & Taya every Saturday morning from 9 – 11am for The Weekend Wake Up.

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