Osman Sen-Chadun a.k.a. DJ Oz

I’m the founder and Managing Director of Outreach Radio, and have lived in Chandler’s Ford for nearly 25 years. I’ve been involved in radio, TV and online broadcasting for decades, mostly on the business & technical side, but also as a radio presenter on pirate radio (in a past life!) & on community radio.

I’m passionate about all types of music, particularly Reggae & World Music, and personally specialise in ‘tropical music genres’; Reggae, Sega, Soca, Zouk, Reggaeton, etc. I listen to everything, from Reggae to Classical & Opera, Jungle/Drum n Bass & Hardcore/Techno to French, Italian or Latino, Electro & Hip-Hop to Balkan, Folk Music or Country Pop, and lots more.

I originally created Lockdown FM, (our former name), as a way to support our local area during the difficult time of the Coronavirus pandemic. The amazing success of this service, and awesome team of people who came forward to volunteer, led me to form Outreach Radio, and establish it as a company designed to support our local area through the power of radio.

Email Osman: osman@outreachradio.co.uk

You can catch Oz for the Drivetime Vibrations show every Monday -Thursday from 4-7pm and for the Island Vibrations show every Saturday from 11am-1pm.

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