In order of schedule appearance…
Ian FisherMike JoyceCarl Maskelyne
Shaun O'BrienOsman Şen-Chadun
a.k.a. Oz or DJ Oz
Onur Şen-Chadun
a.k.a. The Groovy Pelican
Steve RidoutGordon GooperCliff Proctor, Radio Doctor
Carrie KnightsEmma ScottOllie & Taya
Charlotte NealGeorgina Foyle
a.k.a. Dee Jay GG
Richard Lawrence
Bob HeatherColin Old
All Outreach Radio presenters are people from or with a strong connection to our local area. They’ve all given up their time and volunteered to produce and present wonderful regular programmes.Some of them had previous radio experience, other’s didn’t, but they were all willing to join in and give it a try, as way to share something positive, entertaining and informative.If you’re interested in finding out about joining the Outreach Radio team, please Contact Us.
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